Media & Content Partner

Media & Content Partner

We love creating partnerships with media agencies as well as with content sharing platforms.

We would like to invite you to become a media and content sharing partner with us.

Through this partnership, we would be able to use each other’s logo on our websites as well as on our social media platforms. We would also be able to use each other’s marketing and promotional content.

We would like to point out that since a lot of photographs and imagery produced by Lincoln Method are of actual individuals, who are our students, we would want our partners to considerate when using a photograph of any of our students. This is so that our partners do not come into violation of privacy compliance including GDPR.

We recommend that whenever you are using an image or a video of any one of our students, please make sure to include our logo in the image (or video) because the parents have signed their consent with Lincoln Method. Following such a strategy will ensure that you, as our partner, will not have violated any privacy compliance (to which the parents might object).


I agree to share my company's logo as well as marketing and promotional content related to Lincoln Method
I agree to be considerate when using imagery (photograph or video) of Lincoln Method's students to avoid violation of privacy compliance including GDPR.
I agree to include Lincoln Method's logo in the image (or video), where Lincoln Method's students are involved, to avoid violation of any privacy compliance.