Investor Deck

Our Pitch Deck

Thank you for considering Lincoln Method for your investment portfolio

The EdTech space is experiencing rapid growth, and we are looking to team up with a smart team that can help us scale up.


Focus on the exit

We are a team of sharp and hungry individuals who build our entire business model and our decision making around the balance sheet. Since we are working towards an exit, our work style is to score quick goals frequently that lead up to big milestones.



Constant growth hacking

To date we have built our MVP, and we are confident that going forward, the limited features within our MVP will be our strength. Now that we are selling our MVP, we are constantly surveying the market and calibrating our business model to fit the needs of the market. This form of growth hacking is helping us reduce our sales cycle.



Embracing our financial fundamentals

Our business is all about how many online subscriptions we can sell. These could be direct sales, or sales through our distribution channels (white labels). We have established that the key driver for business will be the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and customer lifespan. These metrics will help us in optimizing our pricing strategy, so that we are able to achieve profit margins of 30%.


Tell us a bit about yourself

We are keen on talking to investors who can provide access to distribution channels, and nurture the relationships. We can do the rest. 

If you feel that we have the right attitude to be a part of your portfolio, then please tell us about yourself, and we will send you a copy of our pitch deck