Educate Compton

The "Compton Rising" project

The year 2019 marks 400 years of Black history, and we would like to draw the community's attention to the state of education in Compton (Los Angeles).

This is why we are starting the Compton Rising project and we are inviting our close friends and their organizations to express their support as we grow this project.

We want to reach out to you and invite you to show your support for the Compton Rising Project.

By signing your support, your only obligation would be to speak positively of Compton, and endorse the education and blockchain for kids, within your social networks.

If you are an organization, we would like to post your logo, as a supporter, on this page as well.

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey.

"I want to show my support"

We will help kids RISE in 6 program

Rise in Math

Rise in Blockchain

Rise in Positivity

Rise in Passion

Rise in Teamwork

Rise in Creativity

Help someone RISE


Value Proposition

  1. Assess and then teach the kids on their weakness in:
    • Math Concepts
    • Blockchain Basics
    • Positive Outlook
    • Teamwork
    • Commitment to a Cause
    • Creativity
  2. Kids will be able to increase their grades by at least 20 percentage points (2 letter grades)
  3. Each child will be assigned to a career coach for the duration of the program
  4. Promote program participants to business leaders within California

Incentives for learning & completing the program

  1. Kids will be given the tablets from the start of the program
  2. Kids get to enjoy recognition and acknowledgement at sporting event or a music event
  3. Kids will learn lessons to instill the right skills to become future leaders
  4. Kids will learn to practice confident communication as a result of the activity based practical learning sessions
  5. Documentaries for the top few kids will be created

Key Activities

  • Kids can learn at home throughout the month using the tablets that have been given to them since the beginning of the program
  • Over the weekends, the kids will be invited for group discussion and activity session to reinforce their concepts
  • Short documentaries will be created on selected number of participating students

Intensity of learning

  1. Kids will be learning through:
    • 16 learning sessions
    • 8 activity & discussion
  2. Learning sessions will be conducted individually at home
  3. Activity sessions & discussion will take place in-class, and will be held on Friday afternoons, and Saturday mornings

Our Trustees

Bill Brown
Saleem Qureshi