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Invitation to observe a research project

Lincoln Method is making a claim that it can increase the score of an entire class by 10 percentage points by using
curated learning journeys.

We would like to invite our colleagues from academia to observe a research project that Lincoln Method will be carrying out in collaboration with River Oaks Academy. This research project focuses on the effectiveness of Lincoln Method's evidence-based learning practices.

The Claim

Lincoln Method is making a claim that it has the ability to increase the scores of students by presenting them with a curated learning journey that address their weak areas.

The Objective

The objective of this research is to validate Lincoln Method’s claim. This will be accomplished by studying the effectiveness of evidence-based learning practices by using curated learning journeys.

This research caters to students who have already been taught a subject during the course of the academic year. They will be assessed, retrained, and finally re-assessed to identify the magnitude of improvement.

The desired outcome of this research project is to elevate the collective score of a class of students by an average of 10 percentage points.

The Methodology being piloted

Lincoln Method will be administering the following methodology:

  1. Lincoln Method will be providing each student access to its proprietary online learning tool (platform). Through this each student will receive access to their individual learning dashboard.
  2. The students will participate in an initial assessment using Lincoln Method’s platform. This will set the baseline for students’ existing knowledge base and skill set (both individually and collectively). The score from the initial assessment will help in evaluating Lincoln Method’s evidence-based learning practice.
  3. After the initial assessment, a teacher will conduct a quick learning session with the students and do a revision of the content that they have been learning throughout the year. For the purpose of this study, Lincoln Method will nominate a teacher.
  4. The students will be engaged in solving practice problems available in Lincoln Method’s online library. In addition, the students will have access to online remedial training tools that have been curated for each student, according to their weaknesses.
    The success of this research project is pegged to Lincoln Method’s ability to produce effective curated learning journey that addresses the weak areas of each student.
  5. During the last stage of this project, the students will be asked to re-take the assessment in which they initially participated (same assessment with different questions). The latter score will be compared with their former score.
    The difference between the two scores will indicate the validity of Lincoln Method’s claim.
    The magnitude of the difference between the two scores will indicate the effectiveness of the effectiveness Lincoln Method’s platform.

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